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This is a common problem longarmers often deal with. In extreme cases,the quilt top is returned to the quilter for correction before it can be machine quilted.
Borders are what make your quilt square. The edges of a quilt are seldom the same length as the center of the quilt, so you must allow for that to avoid wavy or rippled borders.
Once your borders are cut to size,always ease the quilt top to fit the borders, not the other way around.
If borders are attached to the quilt body using the technique described here, it will help eliminate this problem and make for a much nicer quilt.

Rotary Cutters
Store your rotary cutter in an old eyeglass case. It protects the blade and your fingers.
Don't throw away used blades. I label the old blade using a permanent marker and use it for cutting paper projects.

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